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How to make a comparison of online mortgages loan, considering the features that make a subsidized loan more advantageous: this operation, which at one time could take a long time, is now much simpler thanks to the many internet portals specialized in comparing loans and mortgages. The mortgage, compared to other forms of financing, may require some more complexities, for example from the point of view of guarantees: the most common type is in fact that of the mortgage loan, which uses precisely the property to be purchased as a guarantee of repayment of the financing. This is therefore an element to consider when comparing mortgages, or rather the mortgage management methods.

What are the other factors to consider when choosing the cheapest mortgage loan?

What are the other factors to consider when choosing the cheapest mortgage loan?

First of all, we need to analyze the interest rate , which is the main measure of the cost of a loan. The rate is expressed as a percentage of the sum obtained on loan and is repaid with each installment, although there may be different ways of calculating the composition of the single payment. For example, repayment in constant installments requires that at the beginning of the repayment period the interest rate weighs more than that of the capital. The structure of the amortization plan is, therefore, another important variable, as is the frequency of the installments.

At one time all this information had to be collected by the consumer interested in a mortgage loan

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Perhaps by visiting the branches of all the banks in his area: an operation that could cause a considerable loss of time. Today, on the other hand, thanks to online comparators, a much faster method of searching and comparing mortgages is available. The typical portal that offers this functionality requires you to fill out an online form with some personal and mortgage information: purpose of the loan (first or second home purchase, subrogation, restructuring, mutual liquidity, construction completion, debt consolidation), the type of rate preferred (fixed, variable, mixed), the value of the property, the desired amount and the duration of the loan.

Other important data relate to the applicant instead: age, employment status, an estimate of income and the area of ​​domicile (important for determining the rate). After entering all this information, the site will provide you with a list of the most accessible mortgages, allowing you to compare them. The comparison between mortgages could, however, start from the financing of banks with which the portal has some convention, so go through the proposed list carefully.

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