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Riding Loan Insurance: The Riders Borrowers Guarantee

The subscription of loan insurance adapted to the practice of riding

The horse riding

The horse riding

Riding is both a sport and a hobby consisting of the technique of driving a horse or pony by a man. The origin of the word riding comes from the Latin word “equitable” which means “go on horseback”.

Do you practice riding and you have difficulty securing your loan?

Do you practice riding and you have difficulty securing your loan?

The exclusions come back frequently when subscribing to a bank loan insurance policy: risky sports like horse riding are part of sports practices that pose a problem for insurers …

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Real Estate Loan Insurance – Dangerous Sport

Loan Insurance

Real estate loan insurance is collateral usually required by banks to grant a home loan. It allows the assumption of the capital remaining due to the bank by the insurer in case of death, disability or incapacity of the borrower.

Since the entry into force of the Lagarde Law on 1 September 2010, it is possible for borrowers to take out the insurance of their choice outside the lending institution.

This device offers them the opportunity to compete with insurance companies in order to opt for the cheapest insurance contract loan guarantees best suited to their situation. It is thus possible for some profiles to save several thousand euros on the total cost of the loan.

Insurers and sports “at risk”: horse riding

Insurers and sports "at risk": horse riding

Riding is a sporting activity presenting high risks for insurers. As a result, some of them refuse to cover the risks associated with this practice (see exclusions from the contract) and others apply special conditions to the loan insurance contract, which also leads to an increase in the insurance premium.

Get your loan insurance negotiated by a broker! The leader of the negotiation in insurance loan Malcolm.fr can obtain you at the best price the contract which answers the best your needs.

Some insurance contracts give the possibility to buy back exclusions, the insurance company agrees to insure the practice of certain risky sports such as horse riding.

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